Ravencoin often brags about its great community. What can we say? It’s true! We have great people on our team. Today we talk with one of our great community members about what she’s been up to lately. I hope you enjoy our chat, where we discuss what’s up with Morgan Crow!

Tell me a little about yourself, Morgan. Has “Morgan Crow” always been a name you go by?

“No, I started off with the nickname DNLUMB (do not look under my bed). It was much later when I adopted the name, Morgan Crow. It comes forth from a love for Goth art, music, and clothing. And besides that, they are smart creatures. They are my favorite birds. I started using the name around 2012. I kept it around since I started using it in Guildwars 2. I met some people in real life from our guild, and they kept calling me Morgan. They still do today.”

How did you find the Ravencoin community?

“A family member of my boyfriend’s told me about a game where I could earn some NFTs. I tried to sell some NFTs on Bakeryswap. I did not have success and called it a day. But I downloaded the Humble Miner game and started playing. I came across some bugs, but I love the game, so I jumped into the Discord channel. From there, the developer of the game taught me how to make a wallet, and how to transfer the assets, and told me about the Ravenist marketplace.  He even gave me my first Ravencoin to cover the fees.  I sold my first NFT from the game.”

What NFT projects have you participated in so far?

“After I hopped on Twitter and entered the “Women in Crypto” Twitter space hosted by CryptoLyssa and Sunnieblock, they welcomed me with open arms and started retweeting me. Thanks to the auctioned off Crytpo Mona NFT, and selling some other NFTs from the game, I was able to fund my own projects.

I run a few artwork projects myself. It started with the RGB series. After that, I came up with the Dreamcatchers, the Tokens of Love, and Cake Club. I auctioned of a 1/1 piece – Monster Doodles. I plan to do more of those as well. I also did a commission for Blue Boat Rental. I did a piece for SunnieBlock’s GM gallery. I also plan to do some 1/1 pieces which only can be obtained with Tokens of Love.

Right now, I am working with Valley Girl to get her first series out. I am very honored when people use my art in their own projects. It makes me happy that people use it instead of just leaving it in their wallet, where it is never looked at again.”

You are also running Whatsuprvn.com, hosting Twitter spaces, and also Discord chats. Tell me about that experience.

“Running Whatsuprvn.com came from an idea I had during a Twitter Space discussion. I wondered if there was a need to gather all the events around RVN, and the people there said yes. It took only a few days before the website was made with help from Directfromphily. It started with a free WordPress addon. Then funds were raised by the community to buy the addon where everyone can add the events themself.  It is open for everyone to use. I think it could help a lot of people to have some extra marketing or promotion to get their events out.

On the topic of Twitter Spaces, I started doing those to learn about Ravencoin and crypto in general. I’m not technical and many Spaces that I attended went over my head. I asked my first guest to dummie everything down to a level where everyone would understand what they were talking about. That grew to new projects and Spaces. Renewablox even used my Twitter Space to announce their NFT project.

I really enjoy those conversations on Twitter, but then someone pointed out that not everyone is on Twitter. That is why I started holding discussions on Discord, as well. Behind the screens, Hypeman helps me a lot with the discord calls.

Some days we only have 5 or 6 People, and other days maybe 30. I often stumble over my own words, but I enjoy doing it. I hope the Spaces help others understand the projects we talk about. I think it’s important to know what projects are building on RVN.”

What do you think the future holds for Morgan Crow?

“I really don’t know. To be honest I think it depends a bit on where the coin and the community is going. I pledged myself to finish my NFT series, of course. I will host Whatsuprvn.com for at least a year if people keep adding events. As long I have fun in what I am doing here, and I am supported by the community, I am here to stay.

Who can ever be sure what the future will bring?  I go with the flow.”


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