In  this Medium Post from Nov 30, 2021, Tron Black makes the following points:

  • The acronym stands for of Non-fungible Token
  • Fungible means 1 of 1 Unique tokens, or Unique Assets..
  • Analogies include algorithmically generated art & unique photos.
  • Digital artwork or jpegs can be copied, tokens cannot.
  • Provenance is the most important part of an NFT.
  • Value is subjective.
  • Collecting is universal. Some of it is for status.
  • The world is moving to digital — quickly.
  • National borders are being erased.
  • Everything is being dematerialized.
  • The next phase is immersive 3-dimensional worlds.
  • The next phase is immersive 3-dimensional worlds.

“NFTs to the rescue. I’m guessing that the term “NFT” will be phased out pretty quickly as counterfeit-proof digital assets specialize into categories. What is not likely to change is the desire to display status, display a unique and custom personality through your digital purchases, and socialize through the shared experience of collecting in the digital realm. NFTs help with this, and they can be used across platforms. All it takes is for these VR/AR platforms to allow you to display your NFTs. Digital masks, digital jewelry, digital wristwatches, digital cufflinks, digital land, and digital brands. The metaverse could let anyone verify the authenticity of these digital items. Don’t be the schmuck sporting a fake brand — digital authentication is a bitch.”

Why Ravencoin
Why Ravencoin

The WorldWideWeb browser (renamed Nexus to avoid confusion) was released in 1990. The globe got connected. In 1993 NCSA’s Mosaic made the world seem smaller. In 2009 Satoshi gave us an electronic peer-to-peer cash system. In 2018 $RVN made #tokenization simple #LiberateTheGlobe