We have all heard the adage about which came first, the chicken or the egg.  I found myself wondering as I learned about The Trophy Foundation, which project was created for which? Was Ravencoin created for this project, or was this project made for Ravencoin?  It offers a well-suited merging of the physical and digital, arts and entertainment worlds. And the food looks good. Actually, how far is Detroit? Never mind. Here we speak with The Trophy Foundation about their innovative efforts to transform creative spaces of the 21st Century.


1.What is The Trophy Foundation?


The Trophy Foundation itself is a non-profit art collection, managed by a board of trustees. Our partner, the Elephant Room, has agreed to serve as our home gallery where works are on rotation. The non-profit’s mission is to collect memories of the best of times shared together. We provide provenance services for both physical and digital works. It’s important for people to consider when they go to purchase something, like for example a Picasso, only half the value is the actual piece. The other half of the value is the proof that what’s on your wall came from Picasso’s brush.


the afterARTy is just an event for now, but we are working on the logistical side to take it on the road as a travelling full-service art party series. Hopefully. We will see about that. We view the afterARTy itself as a work of experiential crowdsourced art. The audience creates a vivid crowdsourced experience together which is distilled down into fond memories to never forget, and which can never be identically replicated. In the spirit of that value, we have chosen the Elephant as our mascot, which was coincidental and not affiliated with the Elephant Room but dovetailed nicely.


The Elephant Room is a beautiful bar and restaurant venue in Downtown Detroit, which has accepted our request to become the permanent display gallery for the collection when at home.


Behind the scenes, the tech we are developing is essentially a toolkit for creatives, event organizers, and promoters to administer programs and direct-to-audience engagement, skipping middlemen like social media platforms, Ticketmaster, and other gatekeepers in the process. The foundation art serves as the “face” of the dev tokens, and the afterARTy serves as our test labs, where we can beta-test features and functionality before rolling them out to our customers. One of our first offerings will be an API that will allow the art to be displayed in metaverse spaces under license. Another offering will be an NFC integration which can make festival access control a breeze, in a BYOD platform.


Our platform will be a B2B service offering for small/medium businesses consisting of an app which contains a RVN wallet within, a UI “trophy case” for your memories, and functionality with GPS and NFC technology, and a backend server administering functionality to the wider web as needed.


2.There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?


RVN skipped a lot of the controversy that clouds other altcoin platforms. When the SEC/IRS eventually come knocking on the doors of the crypto world, RVN will be entirely unaffected because it lacks the stink of ICOs, premining, insider trading and con artists who rugpull and leave bagholders with bad vibes about crypto and the metaverse. Our research led to us learning a lot about Tron Black who we see as a rare upstanding figure in what can be a shady crypto world at times. As a platform, the functionality and scalability promise of 3.0 tokens were finally on the table as useful tools, with minute gas fees and quicker deliveries than 2.0 tokens, helping to reduce the transactional friction of other platforms.


Finally, the RVN community is a motivated, energetic, and welcoming community with lots of actual devs working on actual things. It was an ecosystem we felt very comfortable in given our value set. Since we’ve launched, everybody has been nothing but warm and welcoming. Thanks, RVN community! We’re happy to squad with you all.


3.Tell us a little bit about your background coming into this project.

Our core team has decades of music & event industry experience as musicians, promoters, production managers and other working professional categories – with a long list of “I wish we could do x, y, z” regarding abstract functionality within that space. In addition to that, one of our teammates is a working IT professional with the skills to get an actual product built. The latest member of our team has the chops and skillset in the art world to keep us from stumbling hilariously through a pantomime of a gallery party.


4.  How does The Trophy Foundation help make the world a better place?

The art itself makes the world a more beautiful place and is “what we fight for,” to paraphrase Churchill.


The afterARTy is a vehicle to help get creatives paid in fun and decentralized ways. Physical media is displayed as well as digital media. All the art on display has a “donate to artist” QR on the title card where gallery goers can donate as they wish directly to the artists. The gallery cut is also less than traditional galleries that usually take half. Donating above a certain line gets the donor special tokens, which can unlock functionality related to membership programs. Power to the little guys.


The membership token program allows an admin to – in theory – fully administer membership clubs or programs with the absolute bare minimum collection of personal information. The back-end software is simply crawling the blockchain and checking wallets for the presence or absence of tokens, which in turn gates functionality in the app. The personal information that IS needed can be offset to SSO providers such as your Google/Microsoft/Apple accounts. We hope to offer direct events ticketing denominated in RVN as well. As privacy concerns increase in the collective consciousness, businesses that can operate with the bare minimum of intrusive or invasive data collection or data selling will succeed over the pack.


5.  Tell us where we can contact you.


For now, please direct all inquiries to Trophyfoundation313@gmail.com

You can also visit them on Twitter @trophyclubbing and at their website Tortured Soul Live in Detroit (afterarty.com).


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