Typically, in crypto, we have the miners in one corner and the artists in another corner. More and more, though, we are starting to see those two worlds collide. These NFTs provide real-world rewards backed by mining Ravencoin. Here we speak with the creator of RVN ROBOZ about how he has combined mining and NFTs in his latest project.

1. What is RVN ROBOZ?

With RVN ROBOZ, we are creating 77 unique NFTs of Roboz on the RVN blockchain. Each NFT will be assigned a hash rate via the ROBOZ “eye color,” earning the holder their fair share of RVN. These will be some of the first RVN NFTs backed by real mining utility.

2. There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?

Personally, I’ve been mining RVN for a couple of years now. I fell in love with the community and the support all around.

3. Tell us a little bit about your background coming into this project.

After I started mining RVN in 2019, I started to pick up my “hash rate,” you could say, and have built a decent farm for myself. I personally wanted to just get involved and learn about the other side of RVN (assets/NFTs).

4. How does RVN ROBOZ help make the world a better place?

With our project, we plan to make the RVN community a stronger and better place. Also, offering some of the first mining utility through RVN itself, we are really here to make a bigger name for RVN.

5. Tell us where we can contact you.

Twitter – CryptoLord4x

Discord – BIG CHOP#1338

Email – piercekettler@yahoo.com


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