Proof of Work is the proven, decentralized consensus method that has catapulted Bitcoin to the force it is in the world today. That method of consensus, while effective, has drawn some criticism. Some say that proof-of-work (i.e. crypto “mining”) consumes too much energy & is therefore harmful to the environment. Others say that the specialized equipment now needed to efficiently mine Bitcoin is a threat to the ethos of decentralization. While the rest of us were pondering these questions, Jake Menard and the RenewaBlox crew were quietly out there building solutions. Here we speak with Jake Menard about his groundbreaking new STO, RenewaBlox.

  1. What is RenewaBlox?

RenewaBlox is a renewable energy company that will mine Bitcoin and tokenizes its ownership on the Ravencoin blockchain through a Security Token Offering.

RenewaBlox embraces all renewable energy sources and they are currently focused on solar energy to power the Bitcoin mining farm.

On top of renewable energy, RenewaBlox plans on utilizing immersion cooling technology. This helps:

1) Increase the efficiency of their Bitcoin mining operation.
2) Reduce overall power consumption.
3) Retain hash rate to remain competitive in the rapidly expanding crypto mining industry.

RenewaBlox’s STO provides investors an avenue to become a Bitcoin miner at any investment level without purchasing any mining equipment.

This is accomplished through paying investors Bitcoin distributions based on the amount of RenewaBlox security tokens each investor holds.

RenewaBlox’s fixed-supply STO is a unique opportunity for all investors.

Through RenewaBlox, you can invest in an *appreciating*, RenewaBlox security token and receive distributions in Bitcoin for owning the tokens


The traditional method of investing in *depreciating* crypto mining equipment.


  1. There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?


The Ravencoin blockchain offers RenewaBlox an easy way of minting security tokens to represent digital shares of the company. These security tokens will be built on a Ravencoin Restricted Asset, which has many functions that allow for RenewaBlox’s security tokens to remain SEC-compliant. RenewaBlox can also avoid high fees on the Ravencoin blockchain when transferring custody of the tokens.

3. Tell us a little bit about your background(s) coming into this project.


Background for Callum Wheeler, CEO of RenewaBlox:  Callum Wheeler has been in crypto since 2020 and has mined Ethereum & Ravencoin since early 2021. Callum is a serial entrepreneur & innovator. He has a passion for renewable energy and previously started a company that prototyped a solar-powered iPad charger & case. Callum is also a Physician Associate specializing in anesthesia.

Background for Jake Menard, CFO of RenewaBlox:  Jake Menard has been in crypto since 2020 and specializes in security token structure, company operations, and financial operations. After graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology with an MS in Finance in 2021, Jake became a project manager for Dwell Homes Inc, a custom home building company in the US, while pursuing his passion in the cryptocurrency industry.

Background for Xander Moreno, CTO of RenewaBlox: Alexander Moreno has been in crypto since 2019 and full-time since 2020. His current profession is in crypto mining and crypto policy, and he owns a successful private crypto mining farm. Alexander offers much expertise in efficient mining setups, cyber security, and market research.

Background for Paul Dobson, CMO of RenewaBlox: Paul Dobson is a Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University in Strategic and Digital Marketing including Search Engine Optimization. He has recently presented several lectures on crypto and NFTs digital marketing including building community, engagement, and sales.

Background for Libby Wheeler, CCO of RenewaBlox: Libby Wheeler has a BA (Honours) in Graphic Design and specializes in token branding, UX design, and motion graphics.

4. How does RenewaBlox help make the world a better place?


RenewaBlox is bringing major innovation to the crypto mining industry through the combination of renewable energy sources and immersion cooling. While remaining carbon neutral in its efforts to secure the Bitcoin blockchain, RenewaBlox is also reducing overall energy usage through its immersion cooling tech.


  1. Tell us where we can contact you.


You can contact us at either, Twitter: @renewablox, or visit our website at


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