From martial arts to graphic arts, Johnny Karstdat, has done it all, it seems. The Taekwon-Do champion and Master Instructor has been learning martial arts since he was 4 years old. Now that he has also created a successful, martial arts themed NFT collection, what could he have left to accomplish?

He hopes to one day be able to use his NFT collection as a marketing resource for martial arts instructors and school owners to attract new members and increase engagement with their current students. Here, we discuss Johnny’s knock out NFT project, Raven-Do.


1.What is Raven-Do?


Raven-Do is a martial arts themed NFT collection that is also the world’s first blockchain martial arts NFT club!


There are two main ways you can be a part of the club. The first way is by collecting belt NFTs. Collecting Belts is mostly achieved through Raven-Do give-a-ways. The first to collect different sequences of belts wins serious prizes!


The other way to participate is by collecting Raven-Do’s animated pixel characters. You can collect your favorite martial artists, Ravencoin legends and more as they progress through the ranks.


Every Raven-Do Character is an animated pixel art character that performs a new move at every belt level and is assigned performance scores for stamina, speed and strength.


Each character starts off with a 1 of 1 “O.G.” edition of that character at that belt level. After that release, a modified Limited Edition of that character at that belt level will be made available.


O.G. editions are extremely unique, containing exclusive animations that are specific to that character’s personality and are not included in the Limited Editions.


O.G. editions also have higher performance scores in speed, strength and stamina than those in the Limited Editions.


Project details:


2.There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?


I first came across Ravencoin in the summer of 2020. I was attempting to wrap my head around why people were going nuts over AMC and GameStop. I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Patrick Byrne discussing how the DTCC works ( It was simple, easy to understand, and started me down a Pat Byrne internet rabbit hole. I eventually heard him say “everything I have is in Bitcoin, gold, silver, and Ravencoin.”


I thought, “What the hell is Ravencoin?”


As I started researching Ravencoin, I realized that it is so much more than just another scammy alt coin. I discovered that it’s actually a technology that can restore integrity to, and fundamentally transform how the world manages assets of all kinds. I personally believe that as the massive problems within our current financial system and with fiat currencies are exposed, Ravencoin is positioned to be a major part of the infrastructure of a new financial system.


With that new understanding, I started buying $RVN whenever I could!


Since I was all in on Ravencoin, I started following $RVN on Twitter and noticed the NFT artist community was just getting started. I loved creating art when I was younger, but I started working and stopped creating after college. I saw this emerging community as an opportunity to start creating again!


After a 20 year break, I started creating some artwork again and playing with the idea of selling pieces as NFTs on Ravencoin’s blockchain.


After some success selling my artwork as NFTs, I decided to kick it up a notch and create a themed collection.


3.Tell us a little bit about your background coming into this project.


When I made the decision to create a themed collection, I saw it as an opportunity to combine two of the things in my life that I love… creating artwork and martial arts.


As far as martial arts is concerned, it’s been a part of my life since I started practicing Taekwon-Do at 4 years old. It was something I excelled at, and it provided me the opportunity to travel around the world, competing internationally. I’ve earned a spot on eight U.S. Taekwon-Do teams and won the ITF World Championships in South Korea in 2004.


Taekwon-Do has always been a big part of my life and continues to be. I’m now a 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor.


So, when I saw an opportunity to create a martial arts themed NFT collection, it was a no brainer.


I brought up the idea of a pixel art collection with Rikki from RVNFT. He quickly opened my eyes to how this could become much more than just selling some jpegs.


My simple, original idea of pixel art martial arts characters NFTs quickly evolved into more than could have imagined.


Now the characters are animated, they progress through the ranks, they have performance scores, and there are both 1 of 1’s and limited editions of characters.


Thanks to Rikki, Raven-Do NFTs are part of a bigger picture that is building towards the future. They are being created as a foundation from which new offerings can be developed like Pokémon style cards and games, 1 v 1 video games, AR applications and more.


4. How does Raven-Do help make the world a better place?


Another background intention I have for Raven-Do is for it to eventually be able to be used as a marketing resource that martial arts instructors and school owners can use to help them attract new members and increase engagement with the members they already have.



5.Tell us where we can contact you.


Best way to contact me is on twitter @johnnykarstadt or email You can also “Join the Club” to stay up to date on Raven-Do, get early access to new O.G. drops, and much more by dropping your email on the Raven-Do website NFT’s are available for purchase here: RAVEN-DO Archives – RVNFT


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