Art that captivates your imagination is wonderful. Then there is art that captivates your imagination enough to inspire you to learn a little more about it. When you start learning more about it and the story behind it is as good as the art, you know it is something special. Here we talk with the Psy Heads creator about this special and inspiring project.


  1. What is Psy Heads?

Psy Heads is a visual art NFT project.


  1. There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?

Majorly, it was that the raven community itself was very supportive and helpful. Within a few weeks, my NFT started selling out.  It made me more confident as an individual artist to build on this blockchain. Because of such support I started building my own art style as well. It has been a memorable journey so far.


  1. Tell us a little bit about your background coming into this project.

Honestly, I am a student. Having less support from family to become a visual artist, I started learning art by myself. While doing it, I made friends with professional artists as well.  That’s exactly where I learned more and was able to make a wonderful work environment.


  1. How does Psy Heads help make the world a better place?

This Psy Head project was based on my experience with meditation and mental well-being. My major goal is to share each Psy Head as an expression of being yourself. Each and every human in our society is different from others as these Psy Heads are also. This whole collection is hand-drawn. Each and every collectible contains my different experiences and memories. It means a lot to me. Eventually, anyone will be able to relate themselves with a collectible from the new, up coming Psy Heads collection. After collecting a Psy Head, the collector will also get a surprise gift/print delivered to their address.


  1. Tell us where we can contact you.





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