If you have looked into Ravencoin NFTs at all, you have probably heard of “Degen Smokers Club & ‘The People’.” None of us want to live in a world without art and entertainment to enjoy, and this collection provides us with both! Besides producing great digital art for us to enjoy, this artist promotes community involvement and growth. Here we speak with @DegenSmokers about this great collection.

  1. What is Degen Smokers Club & The People?


The Degen Smokers Club & ‘The People’ NFT projects are all 1/1 art. The Degen Smokers Club is a generative art collection. It Is a collection of 3,333 Degens. ‘The People’ are all made individually. It is a collection of only 500 ‘People.’


  1. There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?


I created my projects on the Ravencoin blockchain because I saw the great potential in Ravencoin. Blockchains like $ETH have such expensive gas fees, need smart contracts to function for NFTs, and really don’t have a community working together to build everyone up! Ravencoin is special in that aspect to me. Ever since I started mining $RVN 2 years ago, the community was always so helpful and supportive to get me going!


  1. Tell us a little bit about your background coming into this project.


I was doing client service work for an insurance agency, actually. I did not have a crypto background or anything like that. I was just trying to produce art and have fun. My hopes were to help add to raising awareness about $RVN and be more involved in the community.


  1. How does Degen Smokers Club & The People help make the world a better place?


The projects Degen Smokers Club & ‘The People’ help bring joy and fun in the RVN NFT community. They are meant to be fun projects to collect, flip, and trade. Also, to try and bring more exposure to RVN & all of the amazing NFTs available on the Ravencoin Blockchain.


  1. Tell us where we can contact you.

I can be contacted on my Twitter @DegenSmokers https://twitter.com/DegenSmokers

or come join the discord and get involved in our community at: https://t.co/Wn6yaKXHx8


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