True creatives will always create. Cumine has a very full and busy life with an existing medical career AND completing further studies to become a specialist. But that cannot stop this creative light from shining. Cumine creates in multiple medias, including both digital and physical arts. Cumine’s art combines anatomy and nature in such a way that makes you stop and consider what is being communicated by the artist. It has been my pleasure to speak with Cumine about CumineArt.


1.What is your project’s name?

My project is called CumineArt

2. There are so many options available. What led you to build on the Ravencoin blockchain?

Ravencoin is a blockchain that is both inexpensive and simple to use, and it use human-readable naming rules to make it simple for anybody to verify the validity of my work and art pieces on the blockchain before purchasing it.

3. Tell us a little bit about your background coming into this project.

I’m Cumine, a full-time Medical Doctor specializing to become a Medical Geneticist in Cape Town, South Africa. My art started as a passion and an experimental hobby in the fascinating field I have always loved so dearly. It served as an escape to a world of creativity in which I could attempt to capture the beautiful elements of Mother Earth. I mostly draw my inspiration from people, anatomy and nature and I celebrate the unity in diversity. I created my own diverse and unique styles by developing skills and exploring with different mediums for many years. My hope is that my art will captivate, motivate, inspire, and heal. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

  1. How does CumineArt help make the world a better place?

My project makes the world a more colorful place and I hope that the individuals who view my artworks will be intrigued and inspired by what they see. I make art in a variety of mediums, including oil painting, sketching, and sculpting that represent all the things in life I love such as Anatomy, Animals and Nature.

5.  Tell us where we can contact you.

It’s easy and quick to get in touch with me via our many social media channels:



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