Who doesn’t love Donuts? I’m sure there’s SOMEBODY out there, but I think we can generally agree that donuts are awesome. H-town Donuts has found a way to make them even more awesome, too! Here is a sneak peek at their upcoming NFT project, which could be the first of its kind.


  1. Tell us about the idea behind Htown Donut Rain and how it uses Ravencoin.

My idea behind “Htown Donut Rain” was to somehow integrate RVN into my business in a way the RVN community, and my community, could get involved. I wanted to be able to use the global network and reach of the RVN community to show an example of what can be done with this technology, while also doing some good.

H-Town Donuts is creating NFTs. If the buyer of the NFT chooses, they can redeem the NFT by sending it back to H-Town Donuts along with the date / time / location they want to “make it rain” donuts. Each token will make 10 dozen worth of donut rain. H-Town can deliver to children’s hospitals, schools, veteran’s hospitals, senior homes, charity events, or wherever you choose within the Houston, TX delivery area.


  1. What aspects of the project are completed?

I have the Graphics and IPFS set up, along with the main asset.


  1. What aspects of the project are still in the works?

I just need to include a brief explainer / info text box onto the IPFS graphics. An explainer describes what the token is worth, how to redeem it, and a way to prove the donuts are actually delivered.


  1. Where should we go to follow for Htown Donut Rain updates or to assist with testing?

The person helping me the most with this project is @zebratif. He has done all the artwork. He is also working on the technical side, coding the textbox explainer we will work in.

You can follow @zebratiff and @htowndonuts on Twitter.


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