By Ravenmint      Published on 3/29/2022

Raven Card Game is the first Ravencoin game playable with NFTs! This game is a P2E (Play to earn) game that you can play by minting or buying cards. You earn tokens as you play this game. 10 different raven types (water, fire, electric, etc) are designed for the game. Each raven type has different damage and health. There are 20 levels in the game. You start the game by choosing your 4 cards in each level. You should choose the advantageous card according to your opponent’s cards. As you level up, you earn tokens in the game.

Road map structure according to the amounts to be realized in the collection sales on is as follows.

1)3.000 Mint : The Multi-Player Game Mode Will Open.

2)5.000 Mint : The Tournament Mode Will Open.

3)10.000 Mint : Highest Tournament Prize Raven.

Everyone competes with each other in the field of statistics in the game.

Mint Cards:

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