Before collaborating to start this website, I had recently been reaching out to artists outside of the NFT world.  The good news is that most of them had heard of NFTs!  The bad news is that while most of them were fascinated with the idea, they felt it would be TOO HARD to get started. Those of you who have already minted on Ravencoin know that a grade-schooler could do it. But, for someone outside of crypto, it SOUNDS very hard at first.

What could be done to bridge that gap, keep people from getting overwhelmed & prevent them from giving up on trying something that could have helped them realize their dreams?

Ravencoin is one of the most decentralized projects you will find.  A project with no single leader can have infinite growth. It can also be infinitely hard to understand the scope of possibilities & keep up with that growth – like trying to keep up with the guests and goings on at The Hilbert Hotel.

Thankfully, Ravencoin has a community of contributors who educate, market, and help everyone keep up with the various happenings.  This little corner of the Ravencoin community is where the idea for this website was born. is one of a group of new websites designed to streamline learning about and keeping up with Ravencoin. Those websites include:,, & is designed to aggregate Ravencoin related news, with topics including:  projects, events, regulatory, security tokens, development, and mining. Our hope is that we can incorporate as much Ravencoin news as possible through this aggregator site, creating less stops, but more links, for the Ravencoin user.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to the site, please contact me at:


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Ravencoin news aggregator. Let’s make a one-stop place to check on RVN news!