Mektropolis is a multi-platform game, in development, which uses Ravencoin NFTs to store in game assets. Very soon, Mektropolis will need gamers to test their engine! They are also looking for artists, fan fiction writers & Discord admins.

Your clarion call is coming, gamers.  Be ready. Spread the word far and wide. The time is near to put on your headsets, fight aliens in the metaverse & help build on the Blockchain Tech Stack for Civilization.


  1. Tell us about the idea behind Mektropolis and how it uses Ravencoin.


The underlying premise for Mektropolis is a metaverse of related game and gamelore content, in which the players take ownership of core assets that are stored in the RVN blockchain as NFTs. Players can alone or collectively (as a faction) build, trade, engage in combat and ultimately, we believe, create common interest and fraternity in the ‘real world’.


Mektropolis has a rich backstory set in a dystopian future some 500 years from today, where the remnants of humanity are locked in deadly conflict with alien races. Renegade AI units that the humans had themselves created, and then lost control of, formed an AI empire.


The most obvious and striking aspect of the game is the Meks themselves, which are something akin to Japanese Mecha (piloted walking war machines) that stand in scale at about 30-40 meters high and make battle with devastating ranged and close combat weapons (they also have both physical and energy shields, how cool is that!). In game, these Meks play alongside regular human sized assets, as well as ground-based and flying vehicles, heavy weapons and so on.


The game itself is coded in Unreal Engine 4, so it can be multi-platform across mobile and desktop devices, and also consoles. In most regards, the RVN / NFT aspect of the game will be invisible to players, because it functions in all respects like a standard video game. You log in to your account and launch the game to play. It will present the player with a range of options for managing inventory, maps to play on, and multiplayer servers to connect to.


So how does RVN/NFT work for the game? That’s really simple. All assets of the players are encoded to RVN-NFT, so you basically own your items in a RVN wallet that is bundled with your account. You can store these NFTs either in the game wallet or on your own. There will also be a marketplace, much like for Axie Infinity and similar franchises, where players who have upgraded their characters and assets can trade or sell them for RVN. As you can imagine, we hope to see a lot of new RVN wallets created and routinely used through our metaverse.


  1. What aspects of the project are completed?


On the development front, we have a core game already built. We have a steadily expanding range of really unique and good looking 3D models for the game, which will also be made available as 2d/3D NFT art. We also have a number of stories starting to form in the game lore, and the first comic strip completed from one of the stories. A second game using the same NFTs is in the early stages (we would like to say more, but the world has too many copycats to risk it yet!).



  1. What aspects of the project are still in the works?


As to progress, I would say that our game is currently closed Alpha and about to turn open Alpha as an actual playable game (timeline, perhaps a month from now but it could be a little earlier or later depending on the coding progress). So with that in mind, if the community are looking to get involved and help this project be every bit the RVN success story it could (and really should) be, we are happy to hear from anyone, but in particular –

– gamers who want to help test our engine (currently Windows desktop, you will need 15GB space to store the current and soon available game state, a decent CPU, ram and hopefully a GPU/graphics card to get the most from it)
– anyone who would like to get involved as admins on our Discord, which expect to start getting busy as the game updates start again
– anyone who would like to create fan stories, art and so on

– anyone who would like to help building the FAQ and other things for the website (something we really want to grow, but are struggling to find time for)

– everyone can involve by raising awareness of this game, and liking and sharing our Twitter


  1. Where should we go to follow for Mektropolis updates or to assist with testing?


The best place to follow us is on Twitter as @mektropolis. Although we have been a little quiet in the past few months, we will be updating with some exciting news and video clips now of the game in development very, very soon…. There is also a somewhat neglected (we really are that busy with the game itself) webpage at


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