Ravencoin is very close to having a brand-new wallet.  What’s more is that this wallet will allow Ravencoin’s main features, including swapping assets, to be managed in one place, from the convenience of your smartphone. If you would like, you could mine from your PC straight to the wallet and conduct all your Ravencoin business from there!  The Moontree wallet project, remaining true to the ethos of Ravencoin, is open source. All of that is no easy feat. Here we speak with Moontree development about their exciting, upcoming project.


1.Tell us about the idea behind Moontree and how it uses Ravencoin.


Moontree is a fully featured wallet and portal for Ravencoin. Moontree makes it easy to hold, create, manage and swap RVN and Ravencoin assets. Moontree is open source and multiplatform

— iOS, Android, Chrome Extension, OSX, Windows. Moontree’s mission is to create beautiful and easy to use software for all of Ravencoin’s functionality.


2.What aspects of the project are completed?


Our initial release for iOS and Android will launch with the abilities to hold, send and receive RVN and all Ravencoin assets. This is currently in private alpha testing.


3.What aspects of the project are still in the works?


The ability to create and manage all asset types is ~80% complete and will be added as an update shortly after our initial release. Moontree’s Desktop apps and Chrome Extension are currently under development and will be announced and released when completed. Our decentralized swaps feature is fully designed and will be developed and integrated over the coming couple of months.


4.Where should we go to follow for Moontree updates or to assist with testing?


You can follow us on Twitter @moontreewallet for all announcements, updates, and app support. Kaww


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