In the beginning there was the internet…

Computers sharing data. Awesome times.

….and then Bitcoin came along……………

Computers sharing complete copies of a single digital asset decentralized ledger that is almost impossible to change as the code is completely in agreement over the network using minimal code changes and a regular pacing mechanism to make changes or transactions to the distributed ledger.

….now there is Ravencoin………………….

Computers sharing complete copies of any digital asset token on a decentralized ledger that is almost impossible to change as the code is completely in agreement over the network, using minimal code changes, and a regular pacing mechanism to make changes or transactions to the distributed ledger.

How does a blockchain start and work? ELI5.

People need to learn more about the power of blockchain, that is truly decentralized and for the people. The fairest blockchains start with having their software made available to the public as free open source software for anyone to be able to download and use, without requesting permission.

After the software is made available the first block is created called the genesis block, normally referencing a news article from that day. All future blocks reference the older blocks and build an ever growing wall of blocks in time that secure the blockchain and data contained therein.

The more distributed, independent nodes running the software and miners trying to create blocks to add to the blockchain the more secure and resilient the data regarding who owns what on the network.


So how is everything funded? Simply by the people and communities supporting the blockchain. The basic idea is identified in a whitepaper and in ethical blockchains normally given away by the creators. If the use cases and ideas suits blockchain technology some forward thinking individuals and companies may choose to work on the project. Companies have donated some of their developers to work on that project to build solutions based on the idea, improve the code and test ideas.

Ravencoin as an idea was loved by Overstock and developers in that company were allowed to work on Ravencoin at no direct cost to the chain to build the code out. They have since that initial kickstart stepped away to let Ravencoin grow as it may.

Miners creating blocks and securing the chain and data get rewarded by block rewards and transaction fees that have a fair value on open markets. So miners are already compensated for their work in securing the chain and keeping the blocks flowing.

Ethical blockchain communities, not considering miners, do not use the code or chain to fund their work directly. That applies specifically to both development and marketing. The developers and marketers time and effort therefore is essentially a donation to the entire community. There are no blockchain derived funds for these activities.

Community funding would help build awareness of the Ravencoin project and associated business building on Ravencoin. These marketing campaigns are events that the community could choose to contribute to and support by attending and leverage donated community funds to increase the awareness of the Ravencoin project and help additional new users that could benefit from using Ravencoin. RavenAngels community have created a donation address specifically for this purpose should anyone in the community wish to donate funds for future marketing campaigns.

A project that I think of as one of the early marketing ideas of the internet, was The Million Dollar Homepage, website conceived in 2005 by Alex Tew a student from Wiltshire, England, to raise money for his university education. The home page consists of a million pixels arranged in a 1000 × 1000 pixel grid; the image-based links on it were sold for $1 per pixel in 10 × 10 blocks. The website was promised to stay live for 5 years.

One of the first pay to advertise platforms, while people were finding their feet and what the internet could be used for.

An amazing early viral marketing strategy. Simple and effective. Likely hard to duplicate but a similar version could be tailored to the Ravencoin projects strengths. One idea would be to selling advertising space on a website to people interested in the tokenization space and advertising their products and donate part of the proceeds to the RavenAngels marketing fund. Perhaps making a NFT, or unique asset, of the complete advertising space once space is sold out and kept accessible on IPFS for 10 years, possible indefinitely if other people wish to preserve the history of Ravencoin.

Enter Raven Wall…( sneaking in a small marketing plan here)

  • As an experiment I, LSJI07, will be creating a Raven Wall that anyone can pay to advertise their project or company on, 50 percent of the raised funds will be dedicated to the RavenAngels marketing address. I will also be making an NFT of the final advertisement to be auctioned off and the complete sale price will go to the RavenAngels Ravencoin Marketing address. This will be minted under the RAVEN_WALL main asset name on the Ravencoin blockchain. The work in progress will be viewed in a website.
  • The initial Raven Wall will consist of three million, six hundred and eighty six thousand, four hundred (or 3,686,400) pixels arranged in a square image 1920× 1920 pixel grid; sold for 1 RVN per pixel in 30 × 30 blocks or bricks. 900 RVN per brick. The red or white bricks in the picture below are the size offered. These brick sizes are not arbitrary numbers. There is a reason to the madness! We want to keep the file size to a minimum to allow everyone to check the wall relatively easily and quickly.
Raven Wall — Initial
  • No one wants a 1.2 terabyte jpeg file cluttering up their device. Space matters. Granted though everyone images would look far better! In future there may be use case specific Raven Walls that projects can advertise on and support marketing Ravencoin. More information will be provided on that in future if there is sufficient demand.
  • The website was will stay live for 1 year as a tool to sell the bricks minimum. The Ravencoin `Raven_Wall` token and image of the initial Raven Wall and hash will be available on IPFS for 10 years minimum once all 4096 blocks sold. If the 4096 blocks are not sold in the first year the initial Raven Wall will be adjusted to include only the sold blocks and the NFT will be created and auctioned. All proceeds from the NFT are dedicated to be sent to the RavenAngels Community Marketing address.
  • Currently advertising online relies on rapidly changing information and strategies that rely on centralized sources of truth to discern and target the advertisers target audience who have sacrificed some level of privacy to the platforms they are using. One common pricing model currently is cost per click. This can vary between 50 USD and less than 1 dollar depending on specific words.
  • The marketing price strategy here is based on offering the buyer long term availability of the submitted content on decentralized networks to advertise that individual, brand or product on a premium community tokenization platform rather than low cost per click. This is not something the other platforms can offer and is a unique selling point.
  • LSJI07 release the article here and website on the 16th April 2022 on Twitter, Reddit and other platforms like Facebook.
  • There will also be a minimum monthly Twitter space discussing new projects and the Ravencoin Space in general. Starting on the 2nd Saturday each month after the initial launch, exact times to come.
  • I have an existing NFT collection on Ravencoin of 200 unique assets or NFT’s called Birds of a Feather.

  • I am gifting the holders of the Birds of a Feather Collection 4 bricks each on the initial Raven Wall AND all future walls. This means potentially only 3,296 blocks will be available for sale on this initial wall. All bricks are available on a first come first served basis as ordered through the website.

Please be aware I am not auditing or editing submissions but some editing is likely required to ensure the images provided fit into the allocated purchased space, building from the ground up. If you wish to have your logo or image added please see our website above that will be open to the public on the 16th April 2022.


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