InĀ  this Medium Post from Oct 20, 2021, Tron Black makes the following points:

  • Ravencoin is just code.
  • Digishares helps with the logistics and legal challenges around tokenizing real estate.
  • The more Fiat currency is printed the less value it has.
  • Historically, real estate has been a great store of value.
  • Tokenization of Property allows smaller investors to enter the market.
  • Ravencoin keeps track of ownership and provides ledger transparency.
  • Digishares platform/resources help issuers stay compliant in any jurisdiction.

“We are at the beginning of this transition and it will get better as the tokenization ecosystem grows. Anyone will be able to hold a diversified portfolio of tokens representing fractional ownership of real estate in different non-correlated jurisdictions.”

Why Ravencoin
Why Ravencoin

The WorldWideWeb browser (renamed Nexus to avoid confusion) was released in 1990. The globe got connected. In 1993 NCSA’s Mosaic made the world seem smaller. In 2009 Satoshi gave us an electronic peer-to-peer cash system. In 2018 $RVN made #tokenization simple #LiberateTheGlobe